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Work Place

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Car Parking

It became a wont and quotidian for me to come to the office on bike at 1000hrs. Our work hours start at 0930 and closes at 1830hrs; but it is nothing furtive in private firms that you have the leeway to choose your working hours, because of the clunky drudgery.
I reside at 5km away from my office. It is easy to commute on bike in the metropolitan traffic.
One day, since it was down pouring, and shame on me, I don’t have a poncho, I came in car at the wonted time,  and not expected, but ineluctable that I didn’t get parking for my car; only 5 slots for my company. The next day, it happened again and I had to park 1km away from my office that too in a small by lane, where there is no chance for cops to tow my Chevrolet.
I discerned after few days that some employees come early to get the parking, not that they have work.
Whenever, I come in car, I always have to make sure that either I complete my ablutions and work outs at least an hour early or I have to evade those workouts or skirt my ablution cycle to park my car. I have to see the picture down the line after 5 years; grody or grotesque!

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