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Monday, April 30, 2012

Pain -- Kidney Stones

The Real Pain--
Pain has started all of a sudden in the abdominal region. Initially, the pain was mild and then it excruciated. My father never had this severe pain. I immediately rushed for the doctor; both my father and doctor felt that it was because of adulteration of food. He felt nauseated and started feeling weak.  Doctor gave him some tablets to soothe from pain, but in vain.  Even after an hour, he was hollering with pain and started screaming, “Give me some poison, I can’t bear this pain”.
He doubted about something and passed saline into him. He has injected some medicine into it and exactly after half an hour the pain subsided.  He was skeptical that my father has kidney stones and exclaimed that the injection is rudimentaril used to relieve the pain from kidney stones.
The next day in the scanning, it was confirmed that he has two, not so big, stones. These are also called “Renal Colics”.

What We Can Do—
It is really hard to explain as why the kidney stones are formed; there are plenty of reasons and factors that form them. Kidney stones are not dangerous, but the pain will kill you. Sometimes even blood comes out of the urinary tract. If the stones are small, they can be removed naturally by allowing them to pass through the urine.
The best things to do, when you are writhing in pain because of kidney stones:
1)      Drink more water. It will help the passage of stones to be smoother.
2)      Citric acid helps to break the salt from the stones.  Take fruits rich of citric acid like lemons, oranges, grapes, etc.
3)      Be away from calcium rich diet; it will enhance the formation of stones.
4)      Keep away from tomatoes and spinach.
5)      Be away from alcohol and have fibre rich fruits.

The pain is really unusual for those who have no health problems, but there is no need to perturb, if proper care and medication is taken.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Agniputri and The Missile Woman-- Tessy Thomas

Her agnomen is “Agni putri” and “Missile Woman”. She is the first woman to head a missile project in India and one of the few women working on Strategic nuclear ballistic missiles in the male-domineering world of clandestine missile development programme.

Agni-V has been triumphantly tested on April 19 2012. One of the key players in making this ICBM a reality is Scientist “Tessy Thomas” from DRDO. She has taken the mantle to guide the team of scientists to fire the robust and truculent weapon in the country’s arsenal.

She, Roman Catholic, was born in Alappuzha, Kerala to small-business man family and was named after “Mother Teresa”. From her school days, she was adept at solving problems in mathematics and was engrossed with Science; pre-eminently she was confounded at the rocket launches from Thumba on the purlieus of Thiruvananthapuram. 

At the age of 20 she left to Pune for perusing M.Tech in Guided Missiles from “Defence Institute of Advanced Technology” (then Institute of Armament Technology). There she met Saroj Kumar, her husband, commodore in the Indian Navy. Her son, Tejas, named after LCV (Light Combat Vehicle), is studying in Vellore Engineering College.
Ms. Tessy Thomas has embarked on her journey with DRDO, when she was chosen as one of the 10 young talents from the country in 1985 for DRDO programme.

Her dedication, endeavour and patience brought her many accolades. She has worked under the genius, Missile man, former President Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam as her director, when she was faculty at DRDO, Pune for Guided Missiles. She was designated as associate project director for Agni-III, Project Director for Agni-IV and reached to the zenith for heading the Agni-V mission.

She has now set her eyes on multiple independent re-entry vehicles.

Monday, April 16, 2012

What, How, Why --- Recession

Define Recession--

 A country’s ‘Gross Domestic Product’ (GDP) substantially dwindling for two or more quarters in succession during a Financial Year preceded by numerous slackened quarters define Recession.

A View---

It is true to the adage, “the world shivers; whenever, it snows in the US”. This is clearly discernible the way markets around the world plummeted and global economy impeded from apparent recession in the US.

The enervating American economy is bad news for everyone including India.

Symptoms of Recession---

Any economy usually upsurges for a period of 6-10years, then trudges to grow and reaches saturation in economic life cycle. After the saturation, 6- 24 months is down sliding period that precipitates to recession.

Recession smacks, when the consumer becomes parsimonious and wary to spend due to lack of confidence in the growth of economy. This triggers less demand for goods/services; it proportionally reduces the production, scales lay-offs, and exponentially raises unemployment. Ultimately the investors and stakeholders fear about stock values and shell out less. The stock markets dilapidate as pack of cards.

Always the economy and stock market are linked. The trend of economy correlates with the efficacy of stock markets. The Indian market has also tumbled as US economy has decelerated.

Recession-- Impact of the US---
Many Indian companies have outsourcing deals with companies in US.
The exports have also been bountiful. According to the statistics, the Indian economy might wither for the companies that have dealings in US. Exporters’ worries will augment further once the dollar wanes against the rupee, so frail dollar would sanguinely accrue more foreign money to Indian markets. Recession could deflate oil prices to nearly 3/4ths of the present value and will slim down inflation.
The US economy comprises 30% of the total GDP globally. The only silver lining in this cloud is that this will take at least 6 months; at a scampering pace.
 In the second part-- I will be engaging on the consequences! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Applying for Jobs — Personal Branding---- Garner Feedback from Associates

In this 3rd instalment of "Applying for Jobs — Personal Branding-- Garner Feedback from Associates"
it tells you the importance of work place ambience, and the colleagues.

Personal Branding-- Garner Feedback from Associates
The value you bring to the workplace is one of the key points of your personal branding. Your particular acumen or talent shines your personal brand. The accolades and lauds you receive for possessing this specific persona of yours will be serving as testimonial of your personal brand.
How will you assess your feedback?
  • What qualities do your superiors point out as pros?
  • What is the response that you receive from your colleagues, peers and other business heads on the quality of work?
  • What professional talents of yours get lauded and applauded; these are rather seeped in you innately?
The actual competencies required at the work place are as important as your reputation that you have yielded in the organization. The employees are not only compensated on what they have achieved but also on their prowess. (More clear during performance appraisal).
This is just start of the personal branding...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Applying for Jobs — Personal Branding-- Scrutinizes your pros--

In continuation to the First part "Applying for Jobs — How Important is Personal Branding", the second part reprehensibly focuses on the crux elements to kindle 'Personal Branding'
 Personal Branding- Scrutinizes your pros--
You must ask these questions to yourself and list the answers to start the Personal branding.
  • What type of work are you looking for?
  • What can you spawn that others do not?
  • How can you be lucrative than others?
  • What are the tasks that you can facilely essay?
  • What can you achieve to deliver success for company?
The answers will bring out the best qualities in you rather than boring the recruiting manager with trivial and mundane responsibilities associated with your jobs. These replies will provide the vista of your personal brand.