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Monday, April 9, 2012

Applying for Jobs — Personal Branding---- Garner Feedback from Associates

In this 3rd instalment of "Applying for Jobs — Personal Branding-- Garner Feedback from Associates"
it tells you the importance of work place ambience, and the colleagues.

Personal Branding-- Garner Feedback from Associates
The value you bring to the workplace is one of the key points of your personal branding. Your particular acumen or talent shines your personal brand. The accolades and lauds you receive for possessing this specific persona of yours will be serving as testimonial of your personal brand.
How will you assess your feedback?
  • What qualities do your superiors point out as pros?
  • What is the response that you receive from your colleagues, peers and other business heads on the quality of work?
  • What professional talents of yours get lauded and applauded; these are rather seeped in you innately?
The actual competencies required at the work place are as important as your reputation that you have yielded in the organization. The employees are not only compensated on what they have achieved but also on their prowess. (More clear during performance appraisal).
This is just start of the personal branding...

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